Interview with Tamo Keita (Mohamed Zoumanigui)

Recorded July 22, 2018 Archived July 22, 2018 11:22 minutes
Id: APP512913


Tamo Keita is an immigrant from Guinea Conakry in Africa. Tamo came here when he was 8 years old in 2001 and he is now 25 years old. Tamo arrived here by plane after his father married a woman and came to America. Tamo left his mother in Guinea and has not seen her in 17 years. It bothers him that he can’t get much information about her whereabouts and he is unable to travel back to Africa. Because his Visa expired, Tamo was then able to receive work eligibility through the DACA program. Tamo remembers few details about his original home besides the food, dancing and school.
Tamo produces his own podcast called Tha Young Gods podcast. In the podcast episodes he brings people together to talk about real life issues and he enjoys hearing other people's stories. He believes that DACA holders/immigrants/ and refugees should receive legalization papers if they haven't committed any crimes, payed taxes, go to school and are not disturbing the peace.

You can listen to his podcast episodes at


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