Interview with Mom

Recorded September 16, 2019 Archived September 16, 2019 10:34 minutes
Id: APP655652


In this interview, I interviewed my mom and asked a few questions about a variety of different topics. I first asked her about her parents, I asked about how how they met and how they came to this country. I learned that my grandparents actually lived in Spain for two years and have known each other ever since they were three years old. Looking back at it, it’s sweet that they spent their whole entire lives together. I then asked about my mother’s childhood and what it was like. Her childhood sounded wonderful and it made me realize how close she was to her own mother. Work became the topic right after and it turned out that she wanted to be an architect at first. Our income would’ve been completely different. After that I asked general questions like what she would want to leave her descendants with and what she would change in her life.


  • Mary Hernandez
  • Erica del Riego

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