Interview with Abdule Saboor Rakeen

Recorded July 23, 2018 Archived July 23, 2018 16:34 minutes
Languages: English
Id: APP513014


Saboor Rakeen was originally from Afghanistan which suffered 40 years of war that is still going on today. Saboor and his family fled to Pakistan to join the union so they could move to the United States as refugees. They arrived here in September 2004. However, Saboor says he wasn’t culture shocked because he studied
the culture of the United States before he left.

When he arrived in the United States he didn’t have any money so he borrowed some and was in debt. He is proud because both of his children went and graduated from college and have good jobs. He says the only problem he has with America is that you must pay to go to college and also the rent is very high.


  • Arts Street Youth Employment Academy