Interview with Samuel Taye

Recorded July 22, 2018 Archived July 22, 2018 33:53 minutes
Languages: English
Id: APP512884


Arianna L., an intern at Arts Street, had the opportunity to chat and interview an immigrant from Ethiopia. We bring you this podcast episode to discuss his immigration and life story.

Samuel Taye came from Ethiopia and now resides in Denver, Colorado. Recently celebrating his 83rd birthday, he tells the story of how he came to the U.S in 2001, and has been living in Denver ever since. He is currently retired, with 5 grown children. He had the honor to be the first one to organize the Provisioner Secretariat of the organization of African Unity (AOU). This means a lot to him because it was the culmination of a number of diverse and far-reaching historical currents and political trends both on the African continent and abroad.


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