“The goat was not eating!” -- A lighthearted interview with my mother about her childhood and family in India.

Recorded December 1, 2019 Archived December 1, 2019 41:36 minutes
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When she was still in her early years of school, my mom got in trouble when her older brother got scratched in the stomach by a goat’s horns after she tried to get the goat to eat. In this interview, I spoke with my mom, Suma, about her childhood, family, and past leading up to where she is now. My mom didn’t predict that she would someday move to the United States from her home country she loved, being the patriotic person she is. I enjoyed listening as she spoke about the happiest moments when she was younger, going to the carnival and feeding goats, and about times where she got in trouble for things that she both did and didn’t do. We talked about her role models, people she looked up to, and important people in her life, such as some of her teachers and philanthropists like Sudha Murthy. It was fascinating to hear how her life in India back then differed from mine now in California.


  • Suma Moogi
  • Sahana M

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