Interview with Umutesi K.

Recorded July 22, 2018 Archived July 22, 2018 11:34 minutes
Id: APP512891


Umutesi K. is a 17 year old living in Denver, Co and going to West Leadership High School. In 2012, at age 11, Umutesi K. immigrated with her family from Rwanda, which experienced a lot of violence from the Civil War in 1990 to 1993 and the Genocide in 1994. She and her family had been living there since Umutesi was a baby. Then, she and her family began living in refugee camps as they waited to come to the U.S. “My parents moved from Rwanda because of the war and we immigrated here as refugees.” When she emigrated to the U.S she and her family were looking for a better future, seeing America as a great way to start. “I plan to have a good education, and be able to help my family.” She has an interest in art, wants to pursue her career of being an animator or maybe even being a graphic designer.


  • Arts Street Youth Employment Academy