Zakaria and her God-Grandfather Jim talk about his childhood, moving to a new state and life now.

Recorded November 28, 2018 Archived November 28, 2018 40:23 minutes
Id: APP578245


In this interview, conducted in Flint, Michigan during November 2018, Zakaria Brame interviews her God-Grandfather, Jim Jackson, about his teenage years in Greenwood, Mississippi. He shares memories of playing music and being in a band throughout high school and college to then becoming a professor in a segregated school and then after integration. He talks about how and why he moved to Flint, Michigan and what the city was like in his day. He shares what he thinks are some important lessons in life at minute 20. And at minute 33 he tells some memories in his life he would like to relive, and some he wouldn't, expressing one shocking memory from when he was around 13/14 in Money, Mississippi.


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