Interviewing my Dad about his life.

Recorded May 7, 2018 Archived May 7, 2018 19:34 minutes
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During this Interview, with my dad, I asked him questions about his childhood and how the decisions in his childhood effected his life growing up to his current state. I learned a lot of things in this interview that I had never even hear him say around the house. We talked about how growing up in Iran and how moving to America at such a young age was a huge change in his life. He let me ask him questions about his job, and how much he loves it and he devotes all his time and hardwork into that job and it shows him how far he has come. I am truly so proud if my dad for all of the amazing, smart, and powerful choices he made in life.


  • alyssa rahmani
  • Reza Rahmani

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