Irma Avila and Liz Deines

Recorded February 4, 2023 Archived February 4, 2023 36:41 minutes
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Friends Sister Irma Avila (69) and Sister Liz Deines [no age given], both Sisters of Loretto, talk about Loretto Academy and share fond memories of the school and the Loretto community.

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Irma Avila (IA) talks about how she and Liz Deines (LD) live together across the street from Loretto Academy.
LD tells a story about trying to resurrect an old-school dance at Loretto Academy.
IA shares memories of attending Loretto Academy as a young woman.
LD tells a story from her teaching days about getting locked in her classroom.
IA remembers working at a convent to help pay for tuition.
IA reflects on the reduced presence of the Sisters of Loretto at the Academy.
IA talks about the Loretto community and the legacy of Loretto Academy.


  • Irma Avila
  • Liz Deines

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La Fe Community Center

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