Isabella Cook interviews her Grandma, Elizabeth Pezzetti, about her journey to become a judge.

Recorded May 4, 2018 Archived May 4, 2018 22:21 minutes
Id: APP489028


In this interview, conducted on April 2018 in Troy, Michigan, Isabella Cook (12) interviews her grandma, Elizabeth Pezzetti (76), about her journey to become a judge. Elizabeth reflects upon her story and shares some inspiring memories. These memories include how she handled her dad serving in the army during WWII, how she went through law school to become a judge, how she helped a troubled little girl that was in one of her court cases, and many other stories. She also shares many important lessons that she has learned throughout life and that she still lives by today. Elizabeth Pezzetti is an extraordinary role model who's story teaches that with ambition, dedication and kindness, you can reach your goals.


  • Elizabeth Pezzetti

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