"It just didn't feel right to me so I just wanted to start a new leaf"

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(Shane) Hello my name is Shane Wilborn. I️ AM a 19-year-old college student. Today is November 10th and I️ am interviewing my uncle Ricky in reference to a recovering drug addict for my story corps project. We are recording this interview in Atlantic City New Jersey currently. OK Ricky you ready?
(Ricky: yes)
(Shane) What was your home life like, then and now?
(Rick: then it was rough... that’s what kind of led me to doing what I️ did and in regret it and now I️ feel much better that I’ve been clean and I️ can proceed with my life.)
(Shane) Can you go into a little more detail with like.. rough?
(Rick: yeah rough meaning like... my parents wasn’t always seeing eye to eye. Even one was in the picture and one wasn’t. So it was.. it was kind of tough for me like. And it’s not easy for a women to raise a man. You can’t. You can’t raise a man.)
(Shane) What was the main reason on why you started misusing drugs?
(Ricky: I️ started misusing drugs because I️ felt as though the drugs I️ used at the time wasn’t strong enough for me and I️ wanted to see how it feel to try something new.
(Shane) Do you have any regrets?
(Rick: yes I️ do. At the moment I️ didn’t because it had me feeling good. But yes I️ do regret it because it also messed up like the inside of my body and had me looking different on the outside.)
(Shane) How did this drug affect your health in your body?
(Rick: it would make me weak if I️ didn’t... if I️ didn’t use it or have any, and that’s not a good feeling at all.)

(Shane) How do you feel about using drugs now?
(Rick: the way I feel about using drugs now is It disgusts me. Just Even hearing the word drug disgusts me or to see any type of drug.)
(Shane) What was the main reason on why you wanted to stop doing drugs?
(Ricky: I️ wanted to stop doing drugs because I️ wasn’t feeling like myself. Uuummmmm. It had me feeling a different type of way and it just didn’t feel right to me so I️ just wanted to start a new leaf.)
(Shane) OK. Do you feel that people view you differently now that you stopped using drugs?
(Rick: Absolutely but they look at me different in a positive way like we knew you could do it. It was just a matter of time and it was something that I️ had to decide among myself.)
(Shane) Who influenced you the most to stop using drugs?
(Rick: close close relatives of mine.)
(Shane) Have you known anyone who still use the same drug that you used today?
(Rick: I️ mean not necessarily I️ mean there are people out here that do Do it but, I️ dis... I️ dis ummm.... I️ distance myself with them so I️ could get off on my own. They would’ve been a distraction to me.)
(Shane) OK. Do you think you would ever return to using these drugs again?
(Rick: No I️ would not)
(Shane) What advice would you give to someone who is considering trying drugs?
(Rick: don’t do it, stay away, it’s um more to life. It’s always a bigger picture, stay focused and determined and that will lead you to the keys of success.)
(Shane) How did you like carry yourself like, to like stop using drugs?
(Rick: well first I️.. I️ mean I️ always had people in my corner that always told me that, that they think that this is wrong and that I️ should try to better myself but at the moment I️ was going through my own stages and it was something I️ had to learn on my own. And I️ finally took someone’s advice and I️ got into a program.)
(Shane) OK. Alright I️ guess that’s it. Thank you Ricky for ummm, talking with me.
(Rick: Anytime.)
I️ appreciate it. Thank you.


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