"We're moving through a period of understanding [other] planets & how they relate to life on Earth." interview with Jim Green by Kim Cartier

Recorded January 30, 2019 Archived January 30, 2019 21:04 minutes
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Dr. Jim Green has spent 38 years of his life working at NASA. He started there with a fresh Ph.D. in Earth magnetospheric science and helped pioneer the magnetosphere research group at Marshall Space Flight Center. He spent 12 years as the division chief for NASA’s Planetary Sciences Division and was recently appointed to be NASA’s, Chief Scientist. His years of leadership in the space science community has helped shape what he calls the “golden age of planetary science” and has inspired a new generation of scientists and science enthusiasts to study the solar system.

In this conversation, Dr. Green talks about some of the many planetary science missions he has been involved in, including the Saturn’s Cassini mission, Pluto’s New Horizons, numerous spacecraft to the Moon and Mars, and more. He reminds us how interconnected we are as a space science community and the value of communication and collaboration with collogues across the world. He looks forward to the new technological innovations that will revolutionize solar system exploration and the lessons we can take away from our better-than-ever understanding of the solar system. (Recorded 12 December 2018)


  • Kim Cartier
  • Jim Green