“It’s been interesting and rewarding to see science taken seriously and have some action being taken.” An interview with Steve Montzka

Recorded July 31, 2019 Archived July 31, 2019 16:31 minutes
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Steve Montzka has been at NOAA for 28 years, working on atmospheric science, atmosphere chemistry, and trace gases in the atmosphere. He started there as a post-doc, drawn by the work he saw NOAA scientists doing on the hole in the ozone layer in the 1990s. He ended up staying because as he discusses, the resources are international, as with his global air sampling network, and the work being done by government labs is often focused on the bigger picture problems. One example is measuring emission levels to track compliance with the Montreal Protocol, implemented to mitigate the causes of climate change. “If policy decisions are made to reduce [chemical emissions], we want to be able to supply the information to suggest whether or not those policies are being effective, both on a global scale, and on a national scale.” (Recorded 14 December 2018)


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