“It's one of those countries everyone forgets about,” says every American to ever exist.

Recorded December 3, 2018 Archived December 3, 2018 18:20 minutes
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Long, long ago before there were iPhones, there was cassette tapes, Madonna and neon leggings. Welcome to the ’80s! On November 25 of 2018, 15-year old Lena Rohan interviews her mother, Mirela Lisicar-Rohan on what it was like being an immigrant from Croatia to the United States. This story takes place in the 1980s where Mirela left a small countryside home, to live in one of the biggest cities in the world, Los Angeles. Los Angeles was full of opportunities, and Mirela was ready for the challenge. In this interview, Lena learns that the American dream is real, but takes a lot of work and dedication to achieve it. From the start of the 15th minute, Mirela compares a small country, to the wealthiest and most powerful country in the world.


  • Lena Rohan
  • Mirela Lisicar