Jack Goldfrank and Jane Goldfrank

Recorded October 31, 2021 Archived October 31, 2021 35:14 minutes
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Spouses Jane Goldfrank (78) and Jack Goldfrank (79) share a conversation about their childhoods, how they first met, their relationship, their work, the different places where they lived, and about their plans for the future.

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Jack talks about his parents leaving Germany in the 1930s to come to the United States. He also talks about his parents and his relationship with his parents. Jane also talks about her parents and her relationship with her parents.
Jane talks about how she first met Jack in Yonkers, New York and about how their relationship developed through high school and into college.
Jane and Jack talk about their time living in Rochester, New York, and Jack talks about working at Xerox.
Jane and Jack talk about moving to Dayton, Ohio and about the struggles that came with that move. Jane also talks about working at a high school at that time.
Jane and Jack talk about moving back to Rochester, New York before moving back to Ohio.
Jane and Jack talk about moving to Columbus, Georgia and about their experience being Jewish in Columbus. Jane also talks about the job she had at a private school at the time, and Jack talks about the work that he did and about enjoying his job.
Jane and Jack talk about planning to leave Columbus, Georgia for Washington, DC.
Jack and Jane talk about their children. They also talk about when Jack underwent surgery after being diagnosed with Cauda Equina syndrome while in Israel.
Jack and Jane talk about what has made their relationship work over all of these years, emphasizing the importance of a sense of humor.
Jane and Jack talk about the traveling that they have done over the years and about their plans for the future.


  • Jack Goldfrank
  • Jane Goldfrank


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00:03 My name is Jane goldfrank. I am 78. Today's date is October. 31st, 2021. We are at our condo in Washington DC. I'm talking with [email protected] for 56 years and together for 63 and I'm the corner of jackals and 79 year older. Today's date is Halloween is October. 31st, 2021, and I'm talking to my best friend and my lover and my wife and we are together in the condo when we spend about a quarter of our time. Most of time, back home in Columbus, Georgia.

00:48 The game. What do we want for breakfast?

00:52 Okay, so I wasn't sure where to start we listening yesterday to the to the, the music on PBS. When it was this land is your land and they were singing try to remember and they were talking about where your teeth and she said to remember. So I was trying to think of you want to talk about now, or do you want to go back to the beginning of the beginning? My both of my parents that came from Germany in late 30s here, married, my mother had a sixth-grade education, lived on a farm. I think he was very happy living on a farm with the 6th grader. She came here and she's a cleaning woman for many years before she married my life. My father. My father was a lawyer in Germany, and he worked as vice-president of a bank came here.

01:52 I can speak the language ended up being a stock clerk. Basically, shelving cigarette, and candy for a Ford. Tobacco company in retrospect band, who was probably deeply depressed. My parents had a little money. I was kind of their Center of their life. So I knew anything that could they could do to help me. They did, I had my mother or chilling. My father died about three months before he married. My mother lived into a late 90s and spent the last two years, actually, in Columbus, Georgia. We are, we could take as good care for her as we possibly could and I married someone who I thought was coming from the other side of street.

02:52 Play me the other side effects of a gram, but I think my parents of all that mother had a mysterious first marriage that we never really heard very much of that. We don't know who it was. But that was a $10. I think by my Uncle Milton, who was the lawyer, and then she met my father in, that was that was a marriage where they loved each other very much. I was the older child. I thought we lived with my grandparents. And while I was living there, it seems like it was a good way to be was only after being an adult and looking back. Realizing that my mother probably wasn't very happy there. And during the war, when my father was stationed in your she left and took me and went back to her mother's.

03:52 I think she just felt better there. How we meet. I didn't we need a social life revolved. This is Yonkers New York, our social life revolved around the Jewish Community Center, where we had boys clubs and Girls Clubs. And I think the main goal of the clouds was just to get the Jewish kids from different parts of Yonkers together. So Jack belong to a club called the Panthers and I belong to a club called and I we had a party and someone suggested I call you. I don't think I really knew you. I think I just knew who you were because on the high holidays a week. Yes, by Elliott Avenue, sure, you are outside with other kids. So I called you and asked you to come with me and

04:47 You did. I don't know if you really knew who I was either, but we had a good time. And then when it came time to New Year's you apparently, your fraternity, I think was having a party, and you asked several other girls and no one could come. And I would do that your third or fourth choice and I decided, I could either come as certified course choice or stay home. And I decided to come and they were basically together, right? And I remember being at your 16th birthday party. A sweet 16. Yeah. Yeah, and we stayed together in high school and went to college. What happened. I went to Columbia University. Is it better if someone else? And so I broke up with you on Thanksgiving and but we kept in contact. That was the weird thing I kept on calling.

05:47 Lucky Charms, came home. And then I think the following Thanksgiving. I basically announced that I was back and you came over and then broke up with the girl you were going through this and and right, and we've been together ever since we got married, and your parents house, and then we moved to Rochester, New York. And I remember when I was interviewing. This is a good time. I had it got my PhD in counseling and it was a time where is easy to get jobs and I made it a point not to get a job. That was very easy reach of our parents. Since I felt that the push and pull between our parents would have made our ability to create a good Unity, very hard.

06:39 My daughter was born in 67, November 7th, 1967, and it wasn't my parents and your mother. The friction was between me and your mother and also that I had a really hard time separating from my parents looking back. That was an issue that I have went to Rochester and you are 8 months pregnant with Debbie or seven months pregnant at the time. And so you called up and I called up and told him, I was a doctor and got you in the next day.

07:28 And so, Debbie was born there. Amy was born there. You wanna was born there and how it's moving to Rochester? Turned out to be good for us and we were there, actually from 1969 to 1980. Okay, and then Xerox was a good place for me to work, because I was at turned out to be the first PhD, chemical engineer cigarettes. So, even though I wasn't great. No one, there was nothing. The banner of Ciroc. Rafi, Chester, Carlson man, to Sounder of Xerox. Really did extremely well. Return to started on Research, went to development, went to production, went on a corporate staff and got very involved.

08:28 That's where I met Ruth. Who even though we don't see each other. I still consider to be a very good friend from from way back and that's a meaningful of meaningful relationship to me. And then we moved, when we moved, you a ride we moved and it basically and in 1982, Dayton, Ohio.

08:50 Yeah, that was not an easy move. I remember crying. Why was cry? When he moved, but we moved to Oakwood where the schools were clearly the best, but it was a community that stork Ali and Ben anti-semitic. I think anybody who wasn't White?

09:09 Christian and we moved in when they were maybe only three or four at the most for other Jewish families there. And everybody told you not to move. The population was north north and south but the schools didn't compare. And so we moved into oak wood and it it was a little bit of a struggle even though it was a really nice walking Community, with really good schools. I member-to-member. I forgot the teacher's name who called us in about our third, because someone mystery teacher. Yes, maybe some anti-semitic remarks, brother.

10:04 I got the Masters in Rochester, but then I got a petition of licenses in reading and learning disabilities, that University of date. So then I got a job talk to me about your job. I love my job. That was in the Oakwood City schools and it was part. I'm starting out part-time in the high school. So I worked in a room with other teachers and we had kids come in who had issues with different subjects and we worked with them. And I remember the first year, it was working with someone who had trouble with English, and I got a chance to reveal all of these novels that I read a long time ago. And I love working with the other people in the room. And that was a good time did while I was at Xerox. I got very involved in it, get the belt on the early stages and Mead corporation, which is scan who hired me. They were an added division.

11:04 Systems involving, I speeding ticket up and they hired me as a vice president of operations manager there. And that's where I packed. I was able to hire my estate in many respects. He came out of IBM together. We took a division that was losing money ended up making significant a lot of money and then our division was sold to Eastman, Kodak and then we went at 1988. So we stayed 8 years and they went back to Rochester 1980. How did you feel about that one? Not that at all. It's a long rap. When are? We did a lot. Of course country skiing, but will be back, was not easy. I did get a job in Webster and at the time, they weren't fall.

12:04 Union rules. And I was over scheduled and didn't realize it, but eventually I got to be okay with the job. You didn't love your job because I was head of an operation to Dayton, Ohio, and Kodak date of a minute myself back because they were annoyed with us. And I became director printer strategy, 3 speed boat at the estate. At that time. They had about fifty thousand employees in, in Rochester, New York, and eventually they filed for bankruptcy. Two years from 88 to 1992 CEO of a corporation. Mason. Call me up and said, how do you like to come back? And she didn't exactly

13:04 Masonry, who is the head of, because of a very unique coloring Imaging Technologies that produce very high quality color energy, which in that time, in 1990 was very unique. And there were three other people. I was competing compressor shortly after getting there and taking a look at the technology. I basically said, I do think this is a good business proposition. I went to see the co stands and see if they were we can't face that on you. Remember, we hired in the mega million dollars later. They came back at the song from that. They declared it. It just continues to discontinue business. One of the hardest parts of my life was having to tell

14:03 Several hundred people living in Epcot. We did the best we could in terms of finding jobs for people. So I ended up and meet Corporation two years after I arrived at what one year 1991, basically not having anything to me. And Steve said, well, you've done a great job for me to find another job, but you can head out and he's going to be Corporation. You wanted to, I thought that would be a challenge to say, I never seen it. So until, well, my office was in danger, but I had an office in Chillicothe and Isaiah to three days a week and

15:03 That's correct. We were dating that from 19, basically, 1990 to 1995. Okay, and then, and then there was an opening.

15:18 In 1993 basic 1994. I was offered the position of president of the Cold War division, which at that time was headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Okay. Okay, but the middle of South was in her and Alabama, okay, and that you can tell the foreign country. So having been brought up in New York and living in Ohio, and then going to the house was something that was, that was a challenge. So jacked decided to take the job, our children, none of whom was living at home. So it was a great idea. Also, so we moved to

16:05 Columbus Georgia, where it was a challenge. It's it's

16:11 It's a conservative area. I mean, frankly were New York, liberal Jews and moving down to the small, southern town was a challenge where when we first met second, biggest city in Georgia, 200,000 people down and Medicine an elevator in an office building and welcomed us and said that he would he would support us or back us for any country club. And he mentioned Columbus Country Club and green. And I said to jack a at the Jack, he doesn't know where Jewish. And then the next time we met him. He was shorted a size that you would support our our membership or Green Island. It did not mention Columbus Country Club, which is interesting because today they don't have enough members and they're willing to take anybody. And at the time that we were there, they didn't take any

17:11 So, Columbus itself, votes Democratic because of Muscogee County, which is a black belt population. So, Schoharie County is democratic.

17:30 The minority population is basically Democratic. The white population is basically Republican. And as we know Georgia did go Blue this year, but because of changes to the state legislator that probably won't happen again, but

17:48 You helped me get a job in a private school, there in Brookstone. And I ended up, I ended up liking what was happening in my classroom and I made one, which is the friends, but I didn't like the school itself and it played on its exclusivity. I think people were punished or not, depending on which family they came from. So that part, I didn't like, but I like what I was able to do in the classroom because there was very little oversight as opposed to Public Schools. You could basically do at that time with it where you want it. I'm not sure if that's true with today's craziness. That's going on. How you got the job was indicative of a lot of community service on. But I called up

18:42 I applied to the public schools, but I think they were having Levi bit of their bondage with fails. And Jim. We actually my first trip down there, said that unfortunately that you were living teachers. Go to the gym. So I applied to, which was and they were very blunt with me and said, no, I could apply, but they would essentially throw my application away. And then when I was building a building on Phoenix City site there for a quarter, Alabama, and Georgia are from Columbus to, in cities, Chattahoochee River, and I will, because our meal was in Alabama. It was necessary to build headquarters in Alabama, building it up building that and I was working with, That's Where It's At. Swift was well-known in the community. He was born.

19:42 Land for us. Do we have any of your plan so that we could build our building and Matt asked me one day on the phone. She said, how are things going Jack? I said well other than my wife thinks you're going fine. And he said what do you mean you said? Well, my wife is Teachers can't get a job here. And you know, she got Ward's. Wish you wasn't dating teacher Awards and really sad. So mad said who I appreciate that and hung up the phone and I got a call from and what was that Bob Newton? Who's the Headmaster places that matchless was chairman of the board.

20:42 Yeah, it's turned out to be. I think an interesting certainly an interesting 25 years. Jack really liked his job. You know, I like my classroom. We made some good friends and a little dark over there was still there. And I think we both learned a lot about life in the shower, get to the craziness of some things like that. I had a worldwide operation Vienna in Hong Kong your travel and do what was best about it. Is it was not a direct flight from me headquarters with which was first and then it was Stamford, Connecticut in Richmond, Georgia. So my boss is really busy.

21:42 And that we performed very well and I was headed at the bit from 1994 to 2006. When it was a reorganization. They were going to dissolve the division and break up and Jim Buzzard with that time was the president of Midwest. Becca said, how would you like to start a new operation for us on the campus of North Carolina State University Center for packaging Innovation? And I really like Jim and I said to him well so long as I don't have to move and I love you. I do that. So from 19 from 2006 to 2009 and it work for you and one for me and it was good, looking back at me. Now. We're at a point in our lives, where we're thinking. We're going to sell our house in Boots from Columbus. Come to DC. We have our three, three of our children lived in Manhattan. One is here in DC and we decided that

22:42 Even though we're from the New York area, that DC is just easier place to live. And it's not going to be as easy as one, might think to, to the Columbus Police. Yeah. Yes. I think that we will talk about how I always have a 9. So, yeah, I said to you Lynda, Lynda Hadley was the in the business school and I bought her children and books. I said, why don't you go talk to Linda and you went and talked to Linda and she still wanted me to become our executive residence. And if so for $50,000 a year you around. So the staff there and work with her and get strategy. Basically 10 years.

23:41 Residents at the Turner College of Business and toy several courses. And it was fun. And I told you they sell couple other things are our family. We didn't, I think extremely lucky, we had these four children. What you want to say about them, which we consider up at 3, a.m. Is the oldest and then we have three daughters, and we have four, grandchildren, two granddaughters in New York, to grandson to your interesting to see the times that they're growing up in at the. I think the issues that they're going to have, and I think that you and I have been extraordinarily lucky me. When you can talk about your surgery. We were in Israel on. Going to go to a an award program for some outstanding.

24:41 Scientist that we were in caesarea and you start showing you starting to pinch around your your waist and I thought it was peculiar. But then you said that that area went numb or numbness numbness. And then so we drove to salon and we went to what was called a pillow which is kind of like when you go before you go to a hospital place that can kind of take care of those things and the doctor. They're just missed the diagnosis and sent you back. Then the next morning. You said, you couldn't walk. So we went to another town where the doctor got. The diagnosis is, correct, and she said, it's either one of you think neither was good. And then we went to Sharon's attic Hospital, which is a major trauma Hospital in in Jerusalem. And

25:41 It was a very, very long day. It must have been fifteen hours before they finally diagnosed you with what her honesty. But over the time you became less and less able to do anything. And I think at the end you would just lying on a a bit and they took it wasn't that they ignored it was a Friday night. It's a ultra-religious hospital. But if it operates 24 hours a day and it was, if, if you look at it like in a split screen, I was surrounded by ultra-orthodox Jews, who were wearing the Garb that they wear the big fur hats in a wall and sister, they were there. And then there was so that was interesting to observe and then you were there and they took good care of me, but it was hard to go from one station to another station number station. And well, everything they did was good.

26:41 It took a long time cuz you had to do Step 1 and then wait till you got to step two. And finally, I guess it must have been around. I don't know, Debbie was still at work on Kettering. And so I called her and she got I remember she was really nervous because her secretary since she's with a patient. Do I need to get her now? And I said, yes, you do and she got in touch with. I spoke to Dr. Weinstone! Who happened to be an American and he was a Disney Israel and Israel out of Sarah. Cross ski shoe was the well-known neurosurgeon at Sloan-Kettering and they they couldn't burden and determined they send pictures back and forth, which was amazing.

27:41 And determine what surgery you need it. And so he did the surgery. Late Friday night and Sharon's attic is a very clean but it's not your money is spared on Aesthetics are. So I was waiting in this waiting room by myself. It's just with painted Shield, rather. I remember it. So clearly designed to see what's really inside, which is benches around, and was waiting. And then to the recovery and you started and they were very nice till you started. Thrashing. Your legs are at you to have any control and then in the morning they put you in the room with who won Was? I Thinkin a sports accent made him and they were really a very nice family. I think they were nice to you. But then through Arthur.

28:39 Maybe you would call something about God without a doctor who could look at a bag. Until anyways, Bob Bullock who's a friend of ours who's a big donor to various very well-connected in Israel called the hospital after finding out or maybe he had

28:58 What's the name? Anyway, he called, and came down and put him in a private room, which was big and had its own bathroom, which was good. But the facilities were such that you had to if you wanted to make sure you for real cheap. And also the result. I was in the hospital for 10 days. Are you lost the war with Bob book? Ended up getting a security detail to take me to the hospital? It was, there someone came. I think he was former Mossad put it in the car. Took us through this secret place in Ben Gurion, got us through into a private room.

29:59 Private security. It's right next to us on the runway. And I'm sorry in the back doing a Runway carpet is up to all of us bought the tarmac to an elevator elevator up and there was dealt to the door into Delta rewards. And when I came home, had a car. Pick us up as manic and then Arthur and Tara came down into the house for you to go into a rehab in Columbus and every Everybody all of the children were really I mean, the two older ones were the ones who could actually do something but Amy and Alana came down and kept in touch. So I just want people to know.

30:59 Yeah, but I could have done without you know that we started a wheelchair with the Walker. Walked this morning. It took both of us. I think that's the point. I want to make it is that we really are a team. We get annoyed with each other pretty often.

31:34 The same things that annoy does 50 years ago, still annoying but

31:41 I've always felt that a sense of humor was really really important to a relationship lasting and I think that we abused each other constantly and soda bottles. And I always felt that you had my back and I always knew that you would do absolutely anything. And what I want to say is when we talk about

32:12 Like being romantic. If I had I had a mastectomy and I was lucky. I just have to have the surgery but I had it in Atlanta and I had reconstruction where they took tissue for my abdomen and a tunnel it up and implanted with your breast should be and so you have drains coming from the incision in your pelvic area and rains coming from the breasts. I had IV and you're all bent over because it's kind of like a tummy tuck in overtime. Use right now and stretch the skin. I think it was the day after when they told me I can and I went into the shower and I haven't strength and brains and the IP and I spend do rhinos like

33:10 Are you returned more than that? We don't exchange. It was fun with the children. And we did a lot of trips with them. But the trips that we've taken by ourselves have been a lot of fun. Especially because, as possibly, the hopefully we will start traveling again and our plans are hopefully I'll be turning 80 and marched hopefully will be in Portugal.

34:10 So I guess the two of us and then and hopefully spend more time and it's full time to this. But I really think how lifestyle here is more conducive to any place. Then don't need cards and we have Amy's here and she's very minor live in Brainerd to look up to bigger and better.

35:00 I love you.