Jackiez Gonzalez and Kelsey Johnikin

Recorded March 25, 2022 Archived March 25, 2022 37:24 minutes
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Friends Jackiez Gonzalez (35) and Kelsey Johnikin (34) sit down for a conversation about their experiences moving to Tulsa, OK through the "Tulsa Remote" program.

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JG and KJ discuss why they decided to move to Tulsa, OK through the "Tulsa Remote" (TR) program.
KJ and JG each remember how their friends and family reacted when they decided to move to Tulsa.
KJ and JG look back on the first weeks they each spent in Tulsa after moving.
KJ describes the communities that make Tulsa feel like home to her.
JG shares how moving to Tulsa has impacted her sense of self and community.
KJ and JG talk about some of the people they have particularly enjoyed meeting in Tulsa.
KJ shares how the Covid-19 pandemic impacted her experience moving to Tulsa.
JG discusses the voter advocacy work she does in Oklahoma, as well as the state's voting restrictions that frustrate her plans to run for office.
KJ and JG each reflect on what they have learned while living in Tulsa.
JG explains why she works so hard to build connections and give back to her community.
KJ expresses gratitude for the communities she is part of in Tulsa.
JG and KJ talk about how they show their respect for the Tulsa community by actively listening to, learning from, and supporting those who are from the city prior to trying to make a change.
KJ and JG reflect on what they haven't been able to find in Tulsa.
KJ and JG express gratitude for Tulsa and for each other.


  • Jackiez Gonzalez
  • Kelsey Johnikin

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