Jaclyn Roessel and Arianna Johnny-Wadsworth

Recorded April 14, 2023 Archived April 14, 2023 42:53 minutes
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Friends and colleagues Arianna Johnny-Wadsworth (33) and Jaclyn Roessel (39) share their perspectives on Indigenous motherhood, community, and connection.

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[take 1] A and J introduce themselves and their recording locations in English and in their languages.
J and A reflect on living away from their ancestral homes and how they bring home with them.
J and A discuss their perspectives on the significance of motherhood and children as Indigenous people. They also talk about their connection with each other.
J shares their perspective on parenting. A talks about a book she is reading and about what she is learning about medicine, parenting, and community.
A and J reflect on the support, mentorship, and teachings they have received from each other and others in their community.
[take 2] A speaks about their work with New Mexico Community Council (NMCC) and what it means to her.
A and J reflect on working and living in a community and talk about how special this time is for their lives and for their communities.
J reflects on working with Indigenous youth at this time of connection and representation. J speaks on the expansive and healing power of representation.
A and J reflect on dwelling on the optimism and representation of this moment as fuel to continue to fight for and support their communities.
A and J express their gratitude for each other and their ancestors.


  • Jaclyn Roessel
  • Arianna Johnny-Wadsworth

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