Jacqui Stransky and Kellie Carter

Recorded November 23, 2021 Archived November 23, 2021 59:03 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Kellie Carter (40) and Jacqui Stransky (57) talk about what experiences led to them opening their minds and hearts to others and their hopes for the country's education system in the future.

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Kellie asks Jacqui about living around the world and what it taught her.
Kellie talks about her journey in fostering and adoption.
Jacqui talks about what it was like coming back to the U.S. after living away.
Jacqui and Kellie discuss education both abroad and in Oklahoma.
Kellie talks about being frustrated with parts of the Christian community.


  • Jacqui Stransky
  • Kellie Carter

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KOSU Downtown OKC Studio

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