Jade Andrews and Brenda Ford

Recorded June 24, 2023 Archived June 24, 2023 30:43 minutes
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Jade Andrews [no age given] talks to StoryCorps facilitator Brenda Ford [no age given] about the abuse she experienced in her marriage.

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J talks about what she was taught about marriage as a child.
J reflects on her parents' marriage.
J talks about the advice she was given about relationships and the counseling she received from her church prior to her marriage.
J talks about the argument when she started to suspect something was wrong in her relationship.
J talks about how people reacted when she talked about that argument and the hidden abuse she suffered.
J talks about how her marriage limited her and hurt her career.
J talks about her divorce proceedings.


  • Jade Andrews
  • Brenda Ford

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Atlanta History Center

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