Jadene Mayla and Shira Smillie

Recorded February 25, 2023 Archived February 25, 2023 39:50 minutes
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Facilitator Shira Smillie (26) interviews new friend Jadene Mayla (48) about her experience with permaculture, buying land in West Texas, and her project “Zombie Permaculture.” Jadene also shares her reflections on spirituality and co-creating with the natural world.

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Jadene Mayla (JM) talks about moving from California to Texas.
JM explains her project, "Zombie Permaculture."
JM tells the story of finding her parcel of land in West Texas, which is five acres with water flowing through the land.
Shira Smillie (SS) asks JM to paint her a picture in words of her land.
SS asks JM what the "oasis" she wants to cultivate on her land will look like, and JM talks about wanting to build a food forest.
JM describes a vision she had about the water cycle.
JM talks about writing her non-fiction book about "Zombie Permaculture," calling it her life's work.


  • Jadene Mayla
  • Shira Smillie

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The Cactus Farm

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