Interview with Jakayla J.

Recorded July 3, 2018 Archived July 3, 2018 06:48 minutes
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Angie W. interviews Jakayla about her thoughts about immigration in the U.S. and living in Denver.


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00:01 My name is Angie in. This is going to be talking about your opinion on immigration and

00:10 First one, how do you feel about the president? The president everything changed it? All I can do is hope that you don't make bad decisions and keep people out. And do you have any fears with the presidency?

00:31 Right now. No just I just hope he doesn't, it doesn't take us out. Like he said he was going to have a lot of fans are Mexican but I have a lot of friends that came from Mexico that are from Mexico. Have a lot of parents that are from the school. Who are you getting your back? You can't go into Mexico. So if I go to now, so I'm just some things, I should be available for green cards. How how do u.s. Is the culture here?

01:10 How to think of, what else, Spanish English classes for, cuz a lot of people who came here, only speak Spanish and they don't know how to speak English. So, yeah, don't have a resources. And then, if you were the president, what would you change?

01:30 I think we definitely need a lot more program and like in places like Montbello for kids to go to, we need a lot of more cultural places for families to go to a lot of more cultural events and like cheaper housing, definitely agreed. So you said that you were a type of community. Is it? Like sometimes you have like Mexican games? Sometimes you have like games, you know, you have like, kids riding their bike and the streets during the summer.

02:09 Just yeah, there's like a lot of kids always running around really but like it's not all so it's like the safest place to be.

02:22 They don't really talk much like the neighbors that I lived around. Like they just basically stating their house and just like they like and we like your family sometimes, like when the neighbors hell like parties, they had like, like the whole street will be full of cars.

02:47 I mean, I couldn't find, I always do always people around different people always had it. I mean, I'm shy, so I didn't really try to make, you know, I don't know. I kind of like people kind of just stay like to know what are some of the best memories you had.

03:18 Like, I can say that there are like a few fun places here. Like I like how like they have like Elitches. Yeah. I like how they have the people's Fair.

03:30 I like how they have rec centers for kids and Boys & Girls Clubs.

03:38 What do you think about immigrants or immigration in general?

03:46 I just seen, I just seen, I wish that more people had the opportunity to come and come to America and have their dreams come true. And for those who were able, I just wish that, you know, they can have a drink with you, cuz we will come to America and are thinking, I mean, by this nice, big house and then they are just like, oh, I have to get a job, you did. And now I can't, you know, do here what came do here? What I wanted to do here, you know, and how would you define immigration?

04:19 And how would I just immigration to me? Is anybody who from outside of the US, that has to come in? And I'm at Eve during American Dream, make a better life for them in your family cuz where they came from a violent or really religious, and they just want to get away from all that. So medium. The American dream is like coming here. Have a nice house. Good job. You don't pay for your family, be able to do to do the job that you want us to do.

04:55 And you think it's a chewable?

04:57 4.

04:59 But not really. I seen a few people, you know, try Bell, you know, and have you ever help.

05:11 No, but I am trying to be like me, looking at people, like you need to go back to where you came from. Like you don't belong here and it's just like they do.

05:31 And what's your opinion on immigration today with the policies, new story? Just just, I just feel like they should just let them be who they are, and they're just people, like they just came here to make a better life. Like if like, if you were outside of the country and you want to come here and do that, wouldn't you want people to leave you alone with your dreams? And what was your main goal when you came to us for this interview, I don't know. Just talk about like, how I feel about immigration how I want help. I don't really know. Why was big

06:14 Not really is that. I want to learn more about my Nigerian culture cuz I just found out last year when I was here that I might I'm from I'm originally from Nigeria or my ancestors are so yeah, really? Are you still learning about that? Yeah. My mom actually just married a Nigerian man really? Well, thank you for letting us interview and telling your story and your opinions and immigration. Thank the next meeting is