Jake Van Yahres and Jason Spellman

Recorded June 23, 2021 Archived June 21, 2021 01:06:54
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One Small Step conversation partners Jason Spellman (33) and Jake Van Yahres (32) discuss how growing up around Charlottesville, Virginia and attending Virginia Commonwealth University influenced them.

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JY and JS discuss what brought them to One Small Step.
“What were your memories of the area where we grew up?”- JS to JY about growing up in Charlottesville, VA.
JS recalls his upbringing,”my education somewhat segregated me from other people.”-JS
JY discusses his experiences playing with international soccer players.
JS discusses why he values art.
JY recalls a childhood experience that shaped his political perceptions.
JS recalls his time as a Boy Scout and its influence on his cultural & political adolescence.
JY and JS discuss how art and their hometown brought them together.


  • Jake Van Yahres
  • Jason Spellman