James Angerstein and Jessica Angerstein

Recorded February 4, 2023 Archived February 4, 2023 36:16 minutes
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Jessica Angerstein (41) asks her dad, James Angerstein (81), about his life, including memories of growing up in El Paso, his work as a music teacher, and his time serving in the Army. The two also reflect on their family and the love they have for one another.

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[Track 1] James Angerstein (JA) remembers what life was like growing up in El Paso.
Jessica Angerstein (JEA) asks her dad how he learned to play the violin.
JA talks about starting to teach music to kids when he was twenty years old.
JA remembers volunteering for the Army draft and serving as an interpreter for four years.
JA reflects on the importance of teaching.
[Track 2] JA tells the story of how he met JEA's mother.
JEA asks JA what it was like living with all girls–four daughters and his wife.
JEA asks JA for parenting advice.
JA tells the story of the Angerstein last name.


  • James Angerstein
  • Jessica Angerstein

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La Fe Community Center