James Bullock and Alicia Bullock-Muth

Recorded May 27, 2022 Archived May 27, 2022 35:58 minutes
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James Bullock (89) and his daughter Alicia Bullock-Muth [no age given] talk about family history and their memories of growing up in and around Missoula, Montana.

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J discusses his youth in Montana, losing his home in the Helena, MT earthquake of 1935, and his father's struggles during the Great Depression.
J shares his ancestry and how his family came to be in Montana, highlighting the immigration story of his great grandparents and grandfather, who was born mid-journey.
J talks about his grandfather's passion for education and reflects on his own decision to become a teacher after leaving the service through the GI Bill.
J recalls childhood antics, including an attempt to cross the Missouri river above Great Falls on a "commandeered" boat that ended in a rescue by local firefighters.
J talks about his family's experience in the 1965 Great Falls floods.
J explains how he met his wife.
J shares about his grandfather and his life as a cowboy and later a railroader on the silk train.
J talks about how Montana has changed during his lifetime, and A and J reminisce about their favorite memories camping and spending time in the outdoors.
A explains how J's singing influenced her love of music, and A and J share their favorite memories together.
J shares the advice he has for others, and how he wants to be remembered.


  • James Bullock
  • Alicia Bullock-Muth

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Missoula Public Library

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