James Dold and Karen Stauss

Recorded March 19, 2021 Archived March 18, 2021 01:02:55 minutes
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Friends and colleagues James Dold (37) and Karen Stauss (46) discuss how they met, their respective work at Polaris, and the progress of the anti-trafficking movement in the United States and internationally.

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James (J) tells the story fo how he and Karen (K) met. K shares what her first impressions of J were.
K describes how she came to work in the anti-trafficking field. K discusses her work at Polaris.
K shares what it was like working on anti-trafficking at the state level and during the earlier days of the company Polaris. J shares what it was like for him working at Polaris after Karen left and describes K's impact on his work and the anti-trafficking field.
K discusses the coalitions and partnerships she was able to help build and facilitate during her time at Polaris and working in the anti-trafficking field.
J explains his path from law school to the work he currently does at Polaris. J shares his own story of abuse and shares how learning about a particular case at work helped him to process and understand his experience as one of human trafficking.
J explains how his political leanings have changed over time and how how he has performed his anti-trafficking work in a bipartisan manner.
K talks about the international anti-trafficking work she has done after leaving Polaris.
K compares the limited confinement many have experienced the past year or so due to covid-19 to the extreme confinement that those who are incarcerated experience. She says even though many of us have an enormous amount of freedom, we still struggled with limited confinement. K hope the experience will help people understand the cruelty with which some incarcerated people are treated.


  • James Dold
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