James Hensley and Chris Jarvis

Recorded February 15, 2020 Archived February 15, 2020 39:42 minutes
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James Hensley (58) tells his husband Chris Jarvis (58) about his 30 years as a bartender in gay bars, describing the exciting nightlife of the places where he worked, as well as the dangers of being "out" and discovered in and outside of those spaces.

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JH talks about how he got started bartending in gay bars.
JH recalls the events of the day his father found out he was gay.
JH talks about his first bartending job.
JH remembers the way the AIDS epidemic came to Dayton, Ohio, where he had been working at the time.
JH shares why he chose to come out to his siblings after his mother died.
JH describes how to be a good bartender in a gay bar.
JH talks about moving to Fresno with CJ and working at a bar that was later burnt down in an act of arson.
JH shares what it feels like to kiss CJ in public and why he does it.


  • James Hensley (b. 1961)
  • Chris Jarvis (b. 1961)

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