Jan Cummings and Charles Boles

Recorded April 5, 2023 Archived April 5, 2023 39:15 minutes
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Friends Jan Cummings (87) and Charles "Edgar" Boles (73) discuss the house Jan built, their life experiences, and what makes New Mexico special.

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E explains why he wanted to record with J and describes the adobe house J built.
J reflects on the history of adobe in New Mexico and how he came to start building adobe houses himself.
E speaks about his background in architecture and how he came to live in the house J built. E and J discuss the details of building the house.
E and J discuss J's Rancho Ruins project. E recounts finding a dinosaur fossil.
J describes the jewelry he designs and speaks about his lifelong love of rocks.
E describes his neighborhood and landscape. E speaks about the changes they have made to the house over the years.
E and J discuss the natural cooling features of the home.


  • Jan Cummings
  • Charles Boles