Jane Holwerda and Noor Kheryi

Recorded October 2, 2021 Archived October 2, 2021 50:24 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Jane Holwerda (60) Noor Kheryl (38) discuss the immigrant journey, Somalian culture and political situation, democracy, their families and their hopes for the future.

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Jane and Noor introduce themselves guided by question cards.
Noor describes the difference between his home country--Somalia--and the U.S.
Noor talks about his journey to U.S. from Somalia.
Noor describes Somalia
Noor talks about his mom's influence
Both discuss the importance of their mother and father
Noor talks about his wife who is in a Kenyan Refuge Camp with a pending immigration case.
Both discuss their political values--freedom of voice and democracy.
Jane asks this question: Noor, if we were at your home in Somalia what would we be having for lunch. Noor responds--rice, injera and goat. They go on to discuss goat preparation.
Noor's hopes for future--learn English, go to college. Jane--financial stability and the country's healing from political division. and Jane asks Noor if he feels the political division. Noor responds no, because the U.S. has a Constitution and laws that people follow.


  • Jane Holwerda
  • Noor Kheryi

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Lead For America Friendship House

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00:00 Then that's not holiday, like

00:05 How to explain. It's okay. If you take your time, I like to watch.

00:14 The bite Festival, the holidays and I both in the business today and my company.

00:21 It was 1966 July 26th. Hello. I like to listen to sleigh, like Friday or holidays. Like

00:43 So, a lot of a lot of different company, so I think it would be really exciting to live in a place where there are so many different kinds of people and cultures.

01:07 Oh, thank you.

01:15 You are welcome to have, there's biscuits and stuff. If you're hungry or yours.

01:26 Is when we start when I press record, I'm going to have you guys introduce you to yourself using that card in front of you. So you would say your name, it would sound like this. I'm out the use my myself as an example. I'm Lynn Boitano and I'm 62 years old. And today's date is Saturday. We are in Dodge City, Kansas at the lead for America house and the name of my interview person is Jane. And then my relationship to Jane is your meeting her for the first time. So are in James going to start us off and then you're going to go. And then what's going to have

02:20 We'll start with the first question. Okay, and it anytime you have any questions, you just let us know. So this is not, this is

02:28 However, it's not on the radio or anything so we can stop and start all of that. We have that flexibility. So what you're thinking of you is in Jane is going to the first question over. Okay, and then we'll start off. She will read and she's going to ask you what made you want to do this interview today? Or in this case, who made you, who you can say that. So, whatever it was and then after you answer, you are going to ask Jane that same question and then the second thing, your news and question number two is you're going to read James biography.

03:16 Actually, we might I'm thinking but might be nice. Has we treat our own biography possibly? And then cuz you hit, then you might need some. Yeah, I think that'll work. So I'm going to visit your biography.

03:47 Happen. If you read James biography and ask Jane. Do you have any questions for me back and forth like that, then after you've talked about that? Then the third question is?

04:02 About one or two people that in your life who have had an influence on, you have been important to you. And what did they teach you in K? And then you guys ask each other that, the fourth one is about your political beliefs.

04:28 And like I said, I'm just going to take some notes for some log for the archives at the Library of Congress.

04:36 All right, when you guys feel comfortable, will start with the introductions and Jane will start us off.

04:47 Jane horta age 60, today's date is Saturday, October 2nd 2021. Where in Dodge City Kansas at the lead for America house. And my interview partner's name is in order and we just met just a few moments ago.

05:04 Nightmare take my night, my night person. My age is 28 years. Today's date Saturday, October 2nd location, Dodge City, Kansas.

05:21 Islam.

05:24 Delete delete for h.h., American name of interview with an F.

05:33 They are Christian worship.

05:45 I think it I'm so sorry. It's not here tonight. So I would like to try this.

05:54 Okay.

05:55 Westminster.

05:59 Number one, charity for every forgot the directions.

06:06 Okay, so North, what, what made you want to do this interview today?

06:13 I think that's why did you want to do this interview today?

06:28 I'd like to know before I can find out what?

06:35 Since you don't have to tell me. So.

06:49 No, you are fine. She's pretty hard to say no to. Yeah, I don't have any idea before so if I let you know before.

07:10 Why don't we do this? Why don't why don't you ask Jane why she wanted to do the interview?

07:18 So you said you would say Jean. Why did you want to do this interview today? O

07:31 Oh, what am I? What am I? What am I? What made you want to do this interview today?

07:38 Well, that's a good question or

07:42 As a friend invited me to do it and then when followed up, when boys Channel, followed up with an email and a phone call, and she made it sound really exciting, but I do like meeting people and a chance to to talk about myself, of course, didn't hurt. So I'm really looking forward to learning more about your life, and your story.

08:10 It's a white. What made you want? What made you want to do this interview today?

08:20 I'm sorry.

08:23 How did, how do we convince you to come here today and talked with me?

08:36 So happy. So, what's next? Step the number to eye. She has to keep prompting me. I'm sorry, so I'm going to read my bio allowed my biography, so,

08:47 I'm Jane Howard, and I'm originally from Central Kansas that says small town called Lindsborg, but I've lived in Dodge for 18 years teaching and I'm an administrator at the at the community college of the educational institutions. I worked or studied at over the past 40 years. Throughout the Midwest, the best of Ben those committed to teaching transformative life skills, how to sync, how to create, how to lead inclusion, and Equity, or key values. For me, my education reading widely and my family have no shape to me. I'm so eager to meet and talk more with you.

09:26 My name is Nora. Okay, if I come in the 2013?

09:48 I have some of your property and the last 7 years.

10:04 In the last 20 years. He has led an English by attending A S L Glass in in the in the morning before. Working the evening shift at local meat packing plants.

10:20 Plant has recently left his job at the meat, packing plant to focus full-time on study.

10:30 Option. He is Steve and Maggie.

10:43 A question. I have based on you know, what you, what? You just read. What I have a couple of questions. First of all, you might not think about it. But, you know, we're both we're both kind of new to this area, you newer than I am. But when I came here, even though I'd grown up in Kansas, when I moved here, I'm like wow, this is a really different place from where I grew up for one thing. We have a lot of trees where I'm where I'm from. Did you have that feeling, too? I mean, what was most new to you different different when they come here is the different. They like building is or is this the radius or the Bible is True? Religion. Like a lot of things different and distant, imagine more different for you than for me.

11:43 I do remember driving out here in like wow, there really aren't very many trees and less, a vino been planted or something. How many languages do you speak? You mentioned that somebody a little bit. Can I use speak English? Well, I only speak English. Most days. I can speak it. Yeah, it's picking me up. Mother gets bit better than me.

12:16 I hope so.

12:27 Those impressions.

12:34 You heard land what it was like to move here and some of the Impressions, you had the fight Travis alive. That's why I can't put on makeup. That's why I come from a company.

13:07 So you saw a problem is not life's not good. Well, so that's why I come here. I was super itchy. When I come here. They come from 2018 to 2018. And then I go to Africa is hopia like Lydia and then just leave you fight. So I'll double it in Africa. Then I got to come in Tunisia.

13:32 That's why I come here. I was asleep before you before you came to dodge. Where were you? Did you have another Landing School, Columbia Columbia?

13:50 And then, they come here, 2013, and I lived in Missouri for many years and in St. Louis. That's why I said Columbia, Missouri and I care for very long. I can't, I mean country in conflict, in war to come to a place where BB people don't even know where Somalia is. Did you, did you run into that? Did you have that experience with people not knowing about Somalia?

14:29 Islam in Africa, Africa, the same language is the same in Columbia or even in Dodge or we usually good with the geography. Do we know where you come from? Or do you get a lot of questions? I don't know. Well, I'm encouraged by that because I run into people who don't know where North Dakota is.

15:30 Do you have any questions for me, anything? You'd like to ask?

15:47 All right. So would you tell it? Tell me about one or two people in your life who had the biggest influence on you? And what did?

16:00 Who who's had a huge influence on your life? A person? Who's who's helped you on your way. You your mom, my mom? Yeah, what did she teach you if you'd like or something like that, so she helps me when I was any particular lesson that you remember, that you're comfortable sharing with me.

16:46 Don't remember feeling. Now. Did she a particular memory? You have of her teaching you?

16:55 She always said that she said, I hope you everybody likes you and it comes to the every everybody, everybody about how you're feeling. And how is your life? So she gives me advice on Waze.

17:32 I think I would say why I was going to say that my mom and my mother is a biggest influence on, on my life, too. I don't know if you believe this or not, but growing up. I was what people called a skirt hugger. I'm very shy and so I would like Peak around my mother's skirt and look at people and then and then pull back and she helped me kind of grow out of that. I mean she would just talk to me endlessly. We'd have conversations over the dinner table like this and she did ask me about my day and she'd asked a lot of questions. But over time she would she would always tell me just be yourself just be yourself and I I do think I followed that. I think our mothers might like each other a great deal. Is there another person a big influence on you?

18:31 My father is sick and was by my father. My father is always more than we let them with my mom when I was a child, but especially most of my life. I wish I was with my mom. So that's why I believe it or not. That's true for me to. I have an older sister. Three years older, but my mom pretty much raised the two of us on her own parents for divorce divorced. Sorry about that. Our parents for divorce to try to get that in one word on when I was still in high school, but he'd been gone quite a bit as we grew up, but still, I think he had a pretty strong influence on me to now.

19:31 He was always the adventurer. You know, Mom was at home, she work but she didn't travel lightly, but he loved to be on the move. Which is, I think part of the reason why they didn't stay together cuz he like to be mobile. And she like to to be in in the, in the town near, the town where she grew up, but he would say, things like you always need to have a little bit of spice in your life. Okay, Dad.

20:00 Oh, I think that is interesting. That, you know, we have the solid verbal. Mom is stay home. Since my father is get there. Any, any Billy's wife? I think my mom would have liked to stay home, but she did go into work. She was a nurse and

20:45 I don't know how she did this but she has to take me to to work with her for a while. She worked in a retirement home. Taking care of the elderly. And some days, I would get to go with her and I would just go and visit the people who live there. When I resist one, elderly woman who had the most amazing jewelry collection and she would let me put it on, you know, six pairs of earrings all over my head and stuff. I have a really vivid memory. I never really thought of that. But I do hear what you're saying is different and Somalia where the mothers to get to stay home and spend time with the kids. I think that's awesome. Does your wife have that experience here? Then where she stays at home? Or

21:37 My wife wife.

21:42 You're not over Kenya in Africa, 2014.

22:13 Fish that. Can you set up and come in 14 oz long time? So, dude, doesn't even give you a timeframe for that. I mean, like another, you know what I mean?

22:45 So did I have really give me any good news that they say, your kiss is been spending, so we will have to check so you can wait till this, is, how does a long time? Wow.

23:02 Well, I hope they'll be some news soon.

23:07 Thanks.

23:12 I have a cat if you'd like, when I live with three cats. Would you would you like to borrow one? I have a couple of them are quite old 15 or 16 years old. And third one is new. And I'm there. All found cats. Literally, we found in the in the backyard when he was a kid. I say we I meant, I mean, one of the older cats found him in the yard. He's like a friend.

23:57 First country.

23:58 As pets and stuff in your, in your culture, or pets, hot, dog, or a cat person. I do. You happen to have a little family. They have the cashier and he's like dog or cat. If I saw a lot of families have but the difference is dog country here. I think most do you, do you have pets here?

24:58 Thank you so much. Yeah. Yeah it is. Is it difficult to know? How do I tell you? My cats are the most spoiled creatures ever? I mean, you know, they just pretty much get whatever they want when they want it. Now, go home this afternoon. I know I'll be sprawled out on my bed and there won't be any room for me. Even if I wanted to take a nap, wake me up early to go outside and I do it.

25:32 Yeah, yeah. Yeah, they're pretty happy. I guess that's why they live to be so old.

25:41 Yeah.

25:55 What are you at?

25:59 Could you briefly describe in your phone? What is your personal, political beliefs? My personal political values are that I think people should have freedom of choice and wisdom to, to make good choices. I am a strong advocate of genuine democracy, you know, where boats and their vote counts.

26:40 How about you? I think we are saying I am.

26:48 Support.

26:56 I guess I am curious. Did your experience growing up during war impact out or help you choose a door?

27:09 I'm sorry, you grew up in samiya during wartime. Yeah.

27:23 Always always in the fight when I running was I see you this. I know I did it sold. The first saw the fight. Is that the military power? And then the

27:35 My town. I know, I remember when I was Nineteen, nineteen eighty-one. It was like in the morning and then the military, I talked to their mail, my tongue and then the Hindu holiday kill the guy. The man who 2013

28:06 Yeah, may I think it's my club was against the government? That's why I thought that your government is a 2019 29th 1981.

28:22 The bad day, everybody's day trips. Taking pictures out of the fight fight fight fight, fight a little bit better.

28:36 It's probably better be like I'm trying to do the math on that 81. That would be like a long time ago. When the fighting is this playlist in the fight every day, so I don't like it.

28:58 I think I got to bring the conversation just back to myself that I was trying to remember what I was doing in 1981, you know, you're witnessing that conflict. You're witnessing at War, right in 1981. I was a sophomore in college, trying to figure out what I was going to major in. And I think sometimes did you feel sometimes that that those very very significant differences in our backgrounds?

29:30 Make it easier for us to find common ground or more challenging.

29:54 Play notes, better.

29:59 But we can't.

30:06 My friend has better battery safety, but sometimes it have been something bad fight like this, but is always almost this time. It is better.

30:28 At this point, you can one of the things I was wondering and Jane. You can ask no more of that if you wanted to just what is it?

30:39 As an immigrant here, if you would like people to know about immigrants that do come to

30:47 Something.

30:50 As you would want what does he want us to know about immigrant life or immigrants or why?

30:58 I didn't know if you might know. What would you like on me and me and other Americans to know what? It's like to be an immigrant and what it's like to be due to America culture.

31:14 Before before 2024. 2013 will have 80 in America, but I hate it. The news or my friend is calling me in Africa. This is a better company, but life is so bad. I feel better.

31:40 If I do a race. I don't think this but I feel better because I got at 12 and I go to a school. I understand the people right now. So I think it's best company in the world right now. I feel better. I feel that. I think I I will get there with future. Should we now or what? Would you like us to know about Somalia about Africa?

32:10 Movies, Africa, a lot of companies with it, but right now I don't have

32:16 Only I know this is going to be a Suzanne Olivia presti. Countries. I know but not enough idea. Are you sleepy? I complete edition. Still tonight 2009.

32:35 I live there. Toyotas and then the fights problem. Country flight, like my company through Sia company.

32:50 I was there.

32:53 I need their, I lived there 2 years after that I come to you. Don't stay so thirsty. I can talk to my boss. My company's idea or a company.

33:16 So, you can understand what you're saying. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

33:34 I just met companies.

33:37 His name is the coldest area in East Africa, Spartan on Africa.

33:44 Macon, young people.

33:46 The other countries for being there with that, they speak their own language. They had they have one religion, one language, one color are the same culture.

34:01 Only problem is political.

34:07 The only problem is is that they all be nice. I don't know what happened. It's so bad. Sometimes, I believe the group group like that.

34:38 They support each other, they seem to money. They're the company that they support, the families or friends of April everyone. You know, they're now, what would we have for lunch, lunch?

35:01 I will put these pasta or rice after we eat.

35:15 Angela Anderson.

35:20 Intelliride. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

35:27 Do you like that or different if the families different? But yeah, it's nothing but a lot of. Are you able to get goat here to prepare for meals? If you go to Somalia?

36:20 The fuel fizzy, the family, they can cut the one. When do you let yourself be swayed? Where we could have went with bring a fair festival or I like doctor the body. I like that Daddy because I'm done. Do we eat the people? The family friend is here together?

36:49 Yeah, spices with it. Are you hungry?

37:08 All right, if we can go to somebody else to get it, I will.

37:23 Over here with the other ones.

37:31 Questions, that may be changing if you want to read them out loud or certain and then you guys can choose chili, read them and then we can choose nor. So this one is, is there something about my beliefs that you don't agree with but still respect.

37:49 Do you ever feel troubled by people with the same beliefs as yours and how they communicate those beliefs to others?

37:59 And do you ever feel misunderstood by people with different beliefs than you? Is there? One question, one of those that you like, would rather answers and another one that you'd like to talk about. Okay. I was think.

38:21 I would like to answer.

38:32 That you feel like you would like to respond to James question. Do you ever feel misunderstood by people with beliefs different than yours or is there something about my belief? So that I've said that you don't agree with but still respect or do you ever feel troubled by people with the same beliefs as yours and how they communicate those beliefs to others?

39:04 No, I have never seen that. Somebody. I know, I believe the difference in the world is different in different places, like a l. I n e in any culture, but I don't have a problem when I speak the English a little bit. I know. Other like, listen, I know that it is 50, so it's not that complicated for me.

39:45 I think you're you're really blessed. Then. I really, I really do. I think.

39:56 By time, I don't think I've heard anything as that. That you said that I disagree with, you know, maybe the goat eating and Fentanyl. That's just you Tumi. So I'd be I'd be excited to try it but I don't, I don't think we found it a spot where we, we, we seem to disagree yet. Should I guess we could dig a Little Deeper on that.

40:25 The blue ones might be better.

40:30 So we have, we also have some questions here. Is there anything you learned about me today? That surprised you ready before when they come before they come here to be better, that I don't have any.

41:09 I know you can ask Jane that same question, is there.

41:19 Is there anything entertaining you learning about me today? That's the best you.

41:27 I am in awe of you, nor to be honest. You mean the distances you've traveled and not just in in the miles and their geography, but the ship between the cultures and all that. Now, that you've done since you've been here, you know, I'm working and, and finding your place and, and learning the language. I think I'm not so much surprised as I am shocked for how long you've been waiting for positive news on your, on your wife's immigration.

42:12 Restaurant. What are, what are your hopes for the future?

42:18 I I hope Miss future English College. Awesome. My focus right now is studying English.

42:39 You want to study English when you as you continue to study English and and and and and improve English cuz you are speaking English. I will get better. I want to improve my English like reading or speaking. Yeah, I was trying to tell me years ago, that English and Russian are the two, most difficult languages to learn. So I don't know if that if that's a. I think it's absolutely. If I get time, I think ACC before the last 21, I quit my job before I go to school, 22 hours.

43:33 HD. But I know I have

43:37 A lot of time to study the language tapes,

43:57 Question.

44:00 What are your hobbies for the future? My hopes for the future? Let's see.

44:10 I'm kind of just live day by day, believe it or not. I mean I've had some some goals that I have achieved. So I'm still kind of hoping for some Financial Independence because I'm going to retire in five or six years. So I guess that's a hope for the future. I hope to that will get to a time and a place where

44:41 We were able to tell our stories openly and we won't have these political divisions that we have right now that we're seeing.

44:53 In Kansas, but also nationally as well. And so these conversations I think are important, you know, like the ones were having right now. So important and I and I and I hope that we'll see more of them at every level.

45:12 Ivar of our society.

45:23 Division in this country if he sees signs, so, I was just talking about, you know, my, My Hope for the future that some of these political divisions will ease. Do you see those two that were kind of divided in a country? That some people are really strong on? I may be at all the television. You watch. No kidding. I can use

46:08 They have fun with Stephanie's. I hadn't really thought of it that way that it is nice to have those differences of opinion and thinking of it that way then I'll feel like I'm closer to my to my future dream. Thank you.

46:42 It is is nice company. So you're I think it is juicy.

46:49 Everyone say that like that. You know how to help establish. The Constitution is level is in the state, government to everything. So I like you.

47:14 Thinking snakes in the water. This is a special part of the country to. I I really grown to love the high plains, you know. And in Dodge, I love driving around and seen the Open Spaces and the hills and the Big Sky don't like the wind is so much but I'm getting used to it. Yeah.

47:40 You can see the every effort of people on the wall China, Asia Africa. And they come here, always still.

48:01 Smith Company is good to have that perspective. Good to have that first constitution.

48:17 I like your tia station in my company. That's why it's probably in the fight. If it if you missed a big mistake, if you can go to jail in already, my company's not have that like that. They are you.

48:43 I finally call or text Washington identification.

48:54 It's not still going straight from there. If anybody's.

49:06 At this place company. This company.

49:10 Interesting.

49:16 With some final thoughts on your experience today that you can ask each other without butter. What did you think of this experience?

49:28 As for me or what do you think of this Saturday?

49:38 I am so glad that that we have that we that we were able to do this and then I time, I'm so glad you have met you and to have learned more about a Somalia and your experience here, and I'm so happy that it's been a good one overall. But yeah, I think it's, it's been, it's been great. How about you so good. Thank you. I really like, is I like hearing the story, but it's also nice to be heard. And so, thank you for that. Thank you so much.

50:16 Thank you guys are here.

50:21 Very much.