Janelle Spencer-Ramirez and her Grandpa talk about his life before emigrating to Chicago and his life in Chicago

Recorded November 26, 2018 Archived November 26, 2018 19:38 minutes
Id: APP565971


In this inteview with my grandpa, Autemio B. Ramirez, 76 years old, we talked about his life in the Philipines before he emigrated to the United States and his life after he emigrated. We saw the similarities and differences between the education system in the Philippines, and living in the Province (Filipino countryside with multiple towns) vs. the city. After talking about his life in the Philippines, we moved over to his life in Chicago, and how it was new and exciting for him to be in America after learning about it for so long. After learning about his adjustment to Chicago, we dived into his career life and what it was like to be an engineer in Chicago.


  • Janelle Ramirez
  • Autemio Ramirez

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