Jasmine Leiva and Maria Leiva

Recorded February 21, 2020 Archived February 22, 2020 29:39 minutes
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Maria Leiva (55) tells her daughter Jasmine Leiva (33) about her upbringing in a rural part of El Salvador, moving into the city for work, and leaving El Salvador to come to Los Angeles after the war in El Salvador began.

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ML talks about her upbringing in El Salvador.
ML describes a typical day when she was growing up and talks about the foods she cooked and ate with her family.
ML remembers her mother and what she learned from her about hard work.
ML recalls the start of the war in El Salvador when she was 15 years old and working in the city as a paid caretaker for a family.
ML talks about the freedom she felt moving to Los Angeles.
ML talks about dating JL's father.
ML recalls the first time she went back to El Salvador after leaving.
ML talks about being a mother of three daughters.
ML shares her goals for herself and her family.


  • Jasmine Leiva (b. 1987)
  • Maria Leiva (b. 1964)

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