Jason Irr, James Irr, and Thomas Rushin

Recorded November 30, 2019 Archived November 30, 2019 35:53 minutes
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Thomas Rushin (77) is interviewed by his two grandsons Jason Irr (19) and James Irr (25) about his life as a jazz percussionist, sculptor and what the arts taught him about life.

Subject Log / Time Code

JI (19) asks TR about his love for music.
TR says he fell in love with music after hearing a military revue as a kid.
JI (25) asks TR about his time playing jazz with the Sophisticats.
TR describes a harrowing moment playing a show.
TR recalls how he ended up majoring in art in college.
TR recalls receiving a small gift from John F. Kennedy.
TR recalls playing with Gene Vincent.
TR talks about the relationship between music and politics.
JI (25) asks TR about race car driving.
TR talks life lessons teaching taught him.
TR concludes with the words he would his end classes with.


  • Jason Irr (b. 2000)
  • James Irr (b. 1994)
  • Thomas Rushin (b. 1942)

Recording Location

Yuma Art Center