Jay Price and Jacob Dailey

Recorded March 11, 2023 Archived March 11, 2023 52:39 minutes
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One Small Step partners Jay Price (53) and Jacob Dailey (27) discuss what people misunderstand about farming and farmers, and the difficulty of navigating various political views within their own families.

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Both partners share why they decided to participate in One Small Step.
Both partners discuss why their local history is important to them.
Both partners describe their personal political values.
Jacob discusses how his conservative political values developed living in a rural area and how they've evolved.
Jay describes how his political values developed growing up in more liberal Santa Fe, New Mexico while having more conservative relatives in Michigan.
Jacob describes how his political views differ from his siblings despite having similar upbringings.
Jay describes the challenges of navigating differing beliefs within his own family.
Jacob shares his views on what people don't understand about farming and farmers.
Jacob describes the challenges of being a farmer that relies on irrigation in the current era of water shortages. He also describes his views on why people in rural areas tend to not trust Democrats because their views threaten their way of life.
Jay describes feeling embarrassment around how "vocal" Democrats generalize about people on the right, and also how he believes "vocal" Republicans are trying to dismantle his way of life.
Jacob shares his discomfort around Republican views on social issues and foreign policy.
Jacob shares how he developed a love of travel.
Both partners share what they will take with them from this experience.


  • Jay Price
  • Jacob Dailey

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