Jean Odom and Johnnie Odom II

Recorded March 6, 2022 Archived March 6, 2022 34:54 minutes
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Johnnie Odom II (42) interviews his mother, Jean Odom (77), about how she accidentally ended up at Elvis Presley's funeral and about her experience living in Memphis, TN around the time of his birth.

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Jean recounts the story of how she accidentally ended up at Elvis Presley's funeral.
Jean describes what she saw at Elvis' funeral, including Elvis himself.
Jean recalls what she told the Associated Press when they interviewed her about Elvis.
Jean remembers being on the front page of the newspaper the day after Elvis' funeral.
Jean shares her experience giving birth to Johnnie.
Jean tells the story of the time she tried to buy a hat in Memphis, TN.
Jean talks about the ice storms she experienced for the first time in Memphis.
Jean describes the auctions she used to go to in Arkansas.
Jean shares a story about the time she found Cadbury chocolate bars, which reminded her of home, in Arkansas.
Jean looks back on her journey driving from Memphis, TN to Coronado, CA.
Jean and Johnnie talk about how Jean always seems to be at the right place at the right time.


  • Jean Odom
  • Johnnie Odom II

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