Jeanette Ross and Kiplyn Primus

Recorded July 16, 2022 Archived July 16, 2022 45:15 minutes
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Kiplyn Primus (60) speaks with her friend Jeanette Ross (64) about the loss and health challenges she has faced in the last few years.

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JR speaks about loss and the growth that comes from loss. She speaks about her divorce.
JR speaks about losing her left breast to cancer.
JR's cancer was caught at Stage 1.
JR became an ambassador for Grady Health Systems.
JR speaks about losing people you love.
JR shares that she was there when one of "her" breast cancer patients died in August 2018.
JR says it helped her prepare for her daughter's unexpected death in October 2018.
JR says her daughter's death destroyed her heart.
JR shares that her daughter was an alum of the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).
JR speaks about the event to honor her daughter being sold out, and if she weren't Niema's mother, she wouldn't have been able to get in. She speaks about the outpouring of love, art, and city murals done to honor her daughter.
JR mentions the #NiemaForever Hashtag.
JR speaks about being diagnosed with Cushing's Syndrome and a tumor removed from her pituitary gland.
JR didn't realize that she was having brain surgery.
JR says about being unhappy since 2018 and finally finding her happiness again.
JR tells the story of how she found out that she made the Dean's list at Clark College.


  • Jeanette Ross
  • Kiplyn Primus

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Atlanta History Center

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