"Jeff Coomer of SOLMED" interviewed by John Peet at NPR WGCU Florida September 7 2018

Recorded September 14, 2018 Archived September 14, 2018 41:25 minutes
Languages: English
Id: APP521124


Jeff Coomer creator of SOLMED a hobby charity that visits impoverished areas of the world bringing free home solar kits to families and delivering free medical supplies. These free solar household kits, that he creates himself, included a water filtration system that lasts three to fours years, a solar light that works throughout the night with a days charge, and a solar oven that can cook almost anything. Jeff who is also a pilot and a nurse, brings sterile bandages, gloves and other medical equipment that he leaves with local medical facilities as these type of supplies are rare in these rural areas. We discuss solar power and equipment and his long personal history with solar energy. We talk about SOLMED and the need for this kind of work in the world. A we take a unique view through the founders eyes of some these out of the way places and his one on one interactions and experiences with the people who live there. Way to much more to go into here so please enjoy the interview.


  • Jeff Coomer
  • John Peet