Jena Adams and Chris Jarvis

Recorded February 22, 2020 Archived February 22, 2020 39:12 minutes
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Jena Adams (57) talks with her friend Chris Jarvis (58) about how she transitioned from working in the fashion industry to public health and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. Jena remembers those she lost to HIV/AIDS and addresses some of her concerns about lack of understanding of sexual health in the medical field and among young people today.

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JA explains what led her to work in public health with people who have HIV/AIDS.
JA remembers people in her life who she lost to HIV/AIDS.
JA explains how having HIV/AIDS in the 1980s and 1990s was seen as being "sick" rather than something that could be treated.
JA discusses testing for HIV/AIDS at Fresno State.
JA talks about how young people today lack knowledge and history of HIV/AIDS.
JA expresses concern about medical professionals today who do not understand both LGBTQ identities as well as the prevention of HIV/AIDs.
JA discusses fears LGBTQ+ people might have that would be barriers to seeking treatment.
JA talks about the difficulties of delivering positive test results to patients.
JA discusses recent outbreaks of the syphilis epidemic.


  • Jena Adams (b. 1962)
  • Chris Jarvis (b. 1961)

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