Jennifer McCarthy and Teriyana Morton

Recorded July 27, 2022 Archived July 27, 2022 35:41 minutes
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Jennifer McCarthy (52) talks with her new friend and "fellow first-born" Teriyana Morton (28) about Jennifer's upbringing, education, and family. Jennifer talks about the impact of a traumatic brain injury on her high school experience and shares about her time traveling Europe in high school and during her honeymoon with her husband.

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JM talks about her upbringing and playing "teacher" with her siblings and her neighbors.
JM talks about the car accident she was in as a freshman in high school and how she recovered.
JM remembers her sophomore year of high school and learning to speak French again.
JM talks about her senior year of high school when she did an exchange program in Sweden.
JM talks about choosing to attend Mount Holyoke College.
JM talks about her husband and their two children.
JM discusses how she stayed connected to friends and family during the COVID-19 pandemic.
JM recalls meeting Jimmy Carter during her time living in Prague.


  • Jennifer McCarthy
  • Teriyana Morton

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Civic Center Auditorium