Jennifer McNabb and Melanie Gibson

Recorded October 28, 2019 Archived October 28, 2019 39:00 minutes
Id: MBY019332


Jennifer McNabb (62) tells her friend, Melanie McGarrahan Gibson (56), about her work as a prison educator. She explores the interplay of patriarchy and gender-based violence in prison systems and explains how her work intertwines with her doctoral studies.

Subject Log / Time Code

1:42 JM explains her work in prisons and what drew her to the work.
6:21 JM talks about how working in prisons intertwines with her studies.
10:16 JM addresses the hierarchical structure of prison systems.
14:38 JM discusses the patriarchy that exists within prison systems.
21:30 JM reflects on the traumatic stories of female inmates and how that influenced her later work with incarcerated men.
27:46 JM expands upon some of the material she teaches, such as social and emotional skills and forewarning of the "culture shock" of the "free world".
33:48 JM talks about her dissertation.


  • Jennifer McNabb (b. 1956)
  • Melanie Gibson (b. 1963)

Recording Location

Dallas Public Library: North Oak Cliff Branch