Jennifer Thompson and Elizabeth Shuman

Recorded February 13, 2020 Archived February 13, 2020 40:10 minutes
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Jennifer Thompson (39) talks to her friend Elizabeth Shuman (37) about being diagnosed with Bipolar 1 Disorder at age 39 after experiencing her first manic episode.

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JT talks about her favorite memories with ES.
JT talks about experiencing her first manic episode in 2019.
JT remembers the worst night of this episode, being in jail and believing it was all a prank.
JT describes one of the elaborate delusion narratives she had while she was in jail.
JT talks about the subsequent episodes that resulted in her diagnosis and the medication she was prescribed.
JT talks about the depressive episodes that followed.
JT talks about being surprised by the diagnosis, because she had never had an episode previously in her life.
JT remembers the delusion she had while in the psychiatric hospital that she was the Phoenix from X-Men.
JT talks about how she's doing now and processing all of this emotionally.
JT tells a story about a man who was in the psychiatric hospital at the same time and how, at the time, she believed she was communicating with him telepathically.


  • Jennifer Thompson
  • Elizabeth Shuman

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Chicago Cultural Center

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