Jenny Hardin and Anne Collins

Recorded December 29, 2021 Archived December 29, 2021 58:55 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Rev. Jenny Hardin (32) and Anne Collins (72) are both residents of Stillwater, Oklahoma - having both come there from outside of state. In their conversation they talk about their separate journeys to faith and Stillwater, what they feel is the responsibility of the church in healing political divides and the issues such as racial injustice.

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Jenny talks about moving to Stillwater, OK with her wife. She later talks about how finding the LGBTQIA+ community in Stillwater helped their move.
Anne talks about moving to Stillwater in the late 1980s.
Jenny talks about the influence from her maternal grandmother who taught her how to pray.
Anne talks about how she thinks we do need to be "political" about caring for others.
Jenny says one frustration is when hearing people say the Bible isn't political - says Jesus was political.
Anne talks about how she is still learning how there is more than one way to see the world.


  • Jenny Hardin
  • Anne Collins

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