Jenny Inzerillo and Doral Mancini

Recorded November 25, 2020 Archived November 25, 2020 40:53 minutes
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Colleagues Jenny Inzerillo (45) and Doral "Skip" Mancini (78) talk about Skip's legacy on the High Plains, through her radio work, her passion for gardening, and combining these two for her radio segment "Growing on the High Plains."

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SM talks about her segment on HPPR and talks about her involvement in getting HPPR off the ground in the early days.
JI asks SM if she grew up with her hands in the garden, and how gardening influenced her show “Growing on the High Plains.”
JI and SM talk about SM’s house that SM’s husband designed and how really out there in the country the house is and SM talks about “Prairie Swift” the name of the house.
SM talks about her connection to the wildlife that roams around her property and the steps they took when designing the house to attract wildlife.
SM talks about how she would characterize her connection to the land around her.
SM talks about her and her husband's transition from San Francisco to their home in the country.
JI talks about the arts community on the High Plains and asks SM if there are any theater productions she has particular pride in throughout the years.
SM talks about mentorship, and mentoring kids in her garden.
JI talks about High Plains Public Radio and the significance of having a station like this and asks SM what she hopes for the future of public radio on the High Plains.


  • Jenny Inzerillo (b. 1975)
  • Doral Mancini (b. 1942)

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