Jenny Rask Interviews father Gene Rask about his life. Interview about Gene's Uncle Buster and his father Badih and Annie Rask.

Recorded January 24, 2021 Archived January 24, 2021 42:35 minutes
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Jenny Rask: 2021-01-24 01:31:13 Jenny Rask(49) interviews father Gene Rask (88) about his life. The births of Mary Rask, Gloria and Nancy Rask and what that meant to the family. His mother Marguerite's preparation for Mary's birth, family genetics and old wives tales about raising lactose intolerant babys. Mary and Gloria's fashion and character, best buddies. A car accident before Nancy's birth. Sibling rivalry. The loss of Buster Rask and his family's experience. 'Sito' Annie Rask a model of love and nurturing to all, a woman of character admired and respected by all.


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  • Gene Rask

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