Jerry Edmonson and Chay Runnels

Recorded February 24, 2021 Archived February 24, 2021 51:28 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Chay Runnels (46) and Jerry Edmonson (61) discuss faith, politics and diversity.

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CR recalls her upbringing.
JE recalls his upbringing.
JE recalls watching JFK's funeral as a child and how it influenced his understanding of politics.
CR recalls experiencing extreme kindness and meanness from the same person.
JE gives the wisdom imparted to him from an educator: "A point of view is just a view from a point."
CR on her faith and how it is present in her work, stating she has prayed with students.
JE discusses the diversity in his church.
JE discusses thinking Christianity has been hurt by its association with a certain political party.


  • Jerry Edmonson
  • Chay Runnels

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