Jess Torres and Susie Baldwin

Recorded June 11, 2021 Archived June 10, 2021 31:39 minutes
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Jess Torres (35) talks with their friend, colleague and mentor, Dr. Susie Baldwin (54), about their work in anti-trafficking and the vision they have for how the work should evolve. Jess talks about some of their mentors, shares proud moments in their anti-trafficking work, and talks about gaps in anti-trafficking response.

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Jess explains how they came to anti-trafficking work.
Jess talks about doing community service as a result of their trafficking situation and explains how it led to their interests in social justice.
Jess talks about deriving inspiration from other survivors and survivor leaders. They talk about some of their mentors.
Jess shares their desire to see experts in freedom and healing as part of the collective vision to end human trafficking. "Trauma cannot be the thing that connects us."
Jess talks about speaking at the UN and attending congressional briefings as highlights in their work. They recall having their daughter witness them speak.
Jess talks about the importance of focusing on joy in life and in the work they do.
Jess talks about gaps in human trafficking response: poor health care and not enough prevention work.
Jess shares proud moments in their work, including the free herbal pharmacy they started for black and indigenous people, as well as their work in providing COVID-19 relief to survivors of human trafficking. They also mention their work on the Child Trafficking Prevention Bill and their work with LGBTQ+ youth.
Jess gives advice to leaders and talks about blame culture vs. accountability culture.


  • Jess Torres
  • Susie Baldwin

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