Jesse DeLeon and Linda DeLeon

Recorded February 23, 2020 Archived February 23, 2020 33:21 minutes
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Married for 52 years, spouses Jesse DeLeon (73) and Linda DeLeon (72) remember meeting each other in elementary school, reminisce on their parents who have all passed away, and talk about being parents and grandparents together.

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LD remembers meeting JD when she was in 3rd grade.
JD and LD talk about getting engaged after high school and the jobs they both started at that time.
JD and LD discuss the challenges of marriage and the importance of marrying one's friend.
JD talks about how he feels having the family all together at Christmas.
JD reflects on how technology has evolved and remembers the first time he ever used an iPad to watch television.
JD recalls spending time with LD's mother before she died.
JD reflects on his upbringing as a child in a family of 11 other siblings. He remembers how nurturing his father was and how his father always listened to him.
JD remembers struggling in school when he was not yet bilingual in English and Spanish.
JD and LD talk about the legacy they want to leave behind.


  • Jesse DeLeon (b. 1946)
  • Linda DeLeon (b. 1948)

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