Jessica Woolbright and Michelle Rhode

Recorded October 20, 2023 Archived October 20, 2023 38:18 minutes
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Coworkers and friends Jessica Woolbright (47) and Michelle Rhode (53) speak about their work supporting women and children experiencing domestic violence. They reflect on their careers at the non-profit Saint Martha's, discuss the most challenging and rewarding aspects of their work, and express gratitude for the personal and professional support they have provided each other.

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Jessica Woolbright (J) and Michelle Rhode (M) explain the work they do at their non-profit Saint Martha's.
J and M reflect on when they first knew they wanted to work in this field.
J recalls on her first impressions of M.
J speaks about going to M to talk through major events in her life, including finding out she had cancer in her first pregnancy.
J speaks about feeling supported by the Saint Martha’s community during her treatment.
J explains having to grieve for members of their community who have been killed by their abusers, and how that has only made her stronger and more committed to her work.
J discusses thoughts of giving up her job, and why she hasn’t.
J and M reflect on COVID and how it made their work so much more challenging.
J and M discuss becoming mentors for younger staff members.
J and M give advice to their younger selves.
J and M speak about the life lessons their work has taught them.


  • Jessica Woolbright
  • Michelle Rhode