Jillian Attaway and Nancy Alcaraz

Recorded November 30, 2019 Archived November 30, 2019 39:42 minutes
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Jillian Attaway (32) interviews her maternal grandmother Nancy Alcaraz (84) about her favorite holiday traditions and memories.

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JA asks NA what her favorite holiday traditions were.
NA describes going sledding after dinner on Christmas Day.
NA describes celebrating Christmas in Hawaii when her husband was stationed there.
JA asks NA to describe some of the meals she prepared for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
NA describes her favorite Christmas gift ever.
NA describes hosting Marines for Thanksgiving one year.
NA describes ice-skating in the winter.
NA explains why she loved learning history in school.
NA describes winning a cruise on a Navy destroyer and getting sea sick.
NA describes seeing a Kirk Douglass film during her first trip to New York.


  • Jillian Attaway (b. 1987)
  • Nancy Alcaraz (b. 1935)

Recording Location

Yuma Art Center