Jim Manhart and Debora Moore

Recorded October 26, 2021 Archived October 26, 2021 58:23 minutes
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One Small Step partners Jim Manhart (65) and Debora Moore (54) talk about how their experiences and identity influence their world views. Debora talks about their native roots and creating community among Native people, and Jim talks about his background as a science teacher and a closeted gay man for several years.

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DM and JM share about their interests in recording with OSS. They read each others’ bios.
DM talks about the traditional values of their upbringing. They talk about spirituality and their native identity and discuss the diversity among native tribes.
JM talks about knowing he was gay and coming out as gay. He talks about parallels he sees in his story with D’s.
DM talks about their belief about humans not being at the top of the chain of importance. JM shares about his science background and how it relates to his belief about humans’ importance.
DM talks about their identity as non-binary, and not liking labels in terms of sexuality.
JM talks about talking to his sisters about their Evangelical identity. He discusses the differences in how his family members vote.
DM talks about their family and the choices they have made about what relationship they wanted to have with family members.
JM talks about learning history and a comment one of his teachers made about how learning personal history helps people appreciate history in general. He talks about finding more community within the gay and lesbian community after moving to New Hampshire.
JM talks about larger changes he’s noticed in his life, like movements against drinking and driving and the fall of the Berlin wall.
DM on starting non-profits to connect other native people. They explain the historical trauma of their people.
DM on how they identify with American citizenship.


  • Jim Manhart
  • Debora Moore

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