Jim Robinson and Thomas Graver

Recorded May 7, 2022 Archived May 7, 2022 52:38 minutes
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One Small Step partners Jim Robinson (68) and Thomas "Tom" Graver (60) share a conversation about their families and their political views and values. They also discuss their concern for the current state of American politics and talk about whether they have hope for the political future in the US.

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JR talks about considering joining the ministry and remembers why he decided not to.
TG talks about his family and his relationships with his sisters. JR also talks about his relationship with his family.
TG talks about navigating political conversations with his siblings.
JR talks about how he and his wife navigate their relationship while having different political views.
TG and JR talk about the recent leak of Supreme Court documents about Roe v. Wade and discuss the possibility of student loan cancellation and forgiveness.
JR talks about why he wanted to have a One Small Step conversation, saying that he wanted to have a respectful conversation with someone of different political values.
TG talks about why he wanted to have a One Small Step conversation.
JR talks about his skepticism of Donald Trump and his followers. TG talks about voting for Trump in 2016 for policy reasons but becoming disillusioned with him and then choosing not to vote in 2020.
TG talks about Donald Trump’s followers and about the importance of voting for policy over personality.
JR talks about his experience of retirement.
JR talks about his political views, including his views on healthcare, social benefit programs, gerrymandering, electoral college, and elections.
TG responds to JR’s political views and discusses where he stands on those political issues.
TG and JR talk about whether there should be a third viable political party.
JR talks about turning 18 years old four months after the Vietnam draft ended.
JR and TG talk about the words patriot, hero, and freedom and what they have come to mean in current US culture.
JR and TG talk about whether they have hope for the political future. TG says that he hopes Republicans and Democrats will champion moderate candidates.


  • Jim Robinson
  • Thomas Graver

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