Jinhee Hann and Julia Hann

Recorded October 23, 2020 Archived October 23, 2020 31:22 minutes
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Sisters Jinhee Hann (48) and Julia Hann (50) center their conversation about formative experiences and memories that inform their respective parenting styles. The sisters also share how much they love their children and leave messages for their kids to hear in the future.

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Jinhee H. asks Julia H. if any particular memories stick out to her from her childhood, and Julia says she was a perfectionist and was afraid of making mistakes. Julia H. also shares a funny anecdote about making mistakes on her homework and ripping out the pages.
Julia H. says being a parent has shown her that things don’t need to be perfect.
Julia H. talks about how her choices in life affected her parenting style, including a moment where her parents disowned them, and says that lesson taught her that if she had kids, she would love them no matter what.
J inhee H. asks Julia H. what she’s most proud of about her kids. Julia H. says she is proud that her son Dylan is a sensitive empathetic child, and says for her daughter Kira, she loves that she is sparkly and makes every interaction sparkle, and intuitive.
Julia H. asks Jinhee H. if there are any seminal moments that still out in her life that have influenced her today as a parent, Jinhee H. says that their father was absent and mother sort of was too, that their grandmother was always present, and shares a story of a vacation and being abandoned on a boat, and says she felt she wasn't loved, so she wants her son Julian to know he is completely loved.
Julia H. says she wants her son to feel like he has freedom in life, and that despite possibly spoiling him a little, she wants him to have more than she did as a kid.
Julia H. asks Jinhee H. what messages she wants her son Julian to know when he listens to the recording in the future. Jinhee H. shares her messages for her son Julian.
Julia H. shares messages for her children in the future.


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